Prague Shakespeare Festival & Classical Theatre Co Present AS YOU LIKE IT & KING LEAR


Prague Shakespeare Festival and Classical Theatre Company present As You Like It and King Lear beginning tonight, May 27 and running through May 29.  Times are @ 19:00 (7:00pm) - As You Like It, Saturday, May 28 @ 19:00 (7:00pm) - King Lear,
and Sunday, May 29 @ 14:00 (2:00pm) - As You Like It.

200kc General Admission, 150kc Student/Senior
Available or by phone: 222.513.842
Available also at the Vyšehrad boxoffice in person

Letni Scena - Summer Stage, Open-Air Theatre
Vyšehrad - Prague, Czech Republic

Enjoy Pivo and Shakespeare!!!

This is the final weekend of performances for the PSF/CTC productions of As You Like it and King Lear. Come experience Shakespeare as it was intended - in the open air, with food, drink, good company, amazing artists and the most stunning words ever spoken in the English language.
Buy your tickets now and find out why audiences and critics are raving about the productions (and read some of our reviews below).

Performed in English, both plays come to life via a unique artistic ensemble for the project, combining the best of PSF and CTC talent.
Quotes from Critical Reviews
Houston, Texas Performances
"Guy Roberts has created the most amusing, most innovative, and most compelling As You Like It this critic has ever experienced... I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard during a Shakespeare comedy....Certainly this is what the Bard imagined when he wrote this rollicking romp for the politically exiled, the lovelorn, and assorted undesirables...Jessica Boone as Rosalind and Ganymede pretty much steals the stage when she is on it."
- Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle online critic

"As You Like It charms with wit and whimsy...Director Guy Roberts treats his actors like sheep - and gets great results - in the Classical Theatre Company-Prague Shakespeare Festival co-production of the merry romantic comedy As You Like It...Roberts maintains an informal air of communal storytelling that's hard to resist, both for the determined invention of the ideas and the energy and spirit of the cast....Jessica Boone is utterly winning as the witty, resourceful Rosalind, one of Shakespeare's most beloved heroines. All but the stuffiest souls likely will greet this impish As You Like It with a correspondingly playful, "I like it, I like it."
--Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

"As You Like It will make everything all better. One of Shakespeare's most popular comedies, this play approaches the weighty subject of love with a sharp wit and a quick pace. The timelessness of the original text, coupled with the clever, modern styling of the production make for an altogether enjoyable experience...Guy Robert's direction is intuitive and sharp...His choices, such as leaving most of the actors onstage for the entirety of the play, provide multiple opportunities for humor, as well as helpful reference...These are the choices that allow an audience to stay focused on the action onstage, instead of squinting down at our programs and whispering "who's that guy, again?"...Houston Shakespeare Festival veteran, Jessica Boone, portrays a perfect Rosalind, from the once pouty girl at court, to the sophisticated and clever woman who utilizes disguise and wit to guide her own destiny. The diversity and size of this cast make it impossible to give each individual the roaring praises that they so greatly deserve. It is a strong ensemble effort, with great cooperation and trust apparent as each actor is given a moment to shine and to make the audience smile...little touches make this production unintimidating, consistently funny, and a perfect experience for Shakespeare-lovers and Shakespeare-phobics, alike. Start with As You Like It, move on to King Lear, and gift yourself a double helping of quality Shakespeare that will clear up any anxieties in no time."
-The Loop Scoop

Quotes from Critical Reviews
Houston, Texas Performances
"Prague Shakespeare Festival/Classical Theatre Company Present Intimate, Powerful, Stunning KING LEAR...King Lear, easily considered one of Shakespeare's most dramatic and brilliant tragic masterpieces, is receiving a stunningly powerful production on the intimate thrust stage at Main Street Theater's Chelsea Market Stage...Guy Roberts has ingeniously directed King Lear with strong assurance and formidable grace in the classical style. Costumes are Elizabethan but the pace and acting is so powerful and stunning that we easily make the transference from period costume to Lear as a fable for the decaying and broken world of today... Mr. Roberts digs into Edmund, the bastard son of Gloucester who is one of Shakespeare's most provocative villains, with charisma and gusto...Rutherford Cravens is superbly stunning as the eighty year-old King Lear...Thomas Prior is phenomenal as the Earl of Gloucester, and becomes even more powerful and pitiable when Regan plucks his eyes out with a dagger...Jessica Boone is wicked to the bone as the sadistic Regan...Jeff S. Smith is amazing as Edgar, the legitimate son of Gloucester, shape shifting into a half naked madman in the second act."
- Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle online critic

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