Steven Bargonetti Theatre Credits

Also Credited As:
  • Steve Bargonetti

    Public Theater (NYC): Father Comes Home From The Wars (Parts 1,2,&3): Music Director/Arranger/Performer...2014

    Broadway; Holler If You Hear Me: Guitar...2014

    Broadway; Hair: Guitar...2009

    Broadway; Passing Strange: Guitar Instructor...2008

    Broadway; The Color Purple: Guitar...2005

    Second Stage Theatre (NYC); A Soldier's Play: Music Supervisor...2005

    Broadway; The Full Monty: Guitar...2001

    Broadway: The Wild Party: Guitar...2000

    TriBeCa Playhouse (NYC); Uncle Jack: Composer/Performer...1999

    TriBeCa Playhouse (NYC); Whoa-Jack: Composer/Performer...1999

    Yale Rep; Curse Of The Starving Class: Composer/Performer...2000

    Yale Rep; Thunder Knocking At The Door: Composer/Arranger/Performer...1997

    On Broadway, Guitarist for Street Corner Symphony, Jelly's Last Jam, Starlight Express, Song & Dance, and Lena Horne the Lady and Her Music.
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