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Posted: March 10, 2014
Audition Location: Fort Worth, TX

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Circle Theatre announces auditions for:

Remarkable Brass Group's

Directed by Lyle Kanouse
Musical Direction by Hans Grim 
Performance Dates are October 23 – November 22
Rehearsals begin September 29.
Audition Time and Date:
Saturday, March 22 – Beginning at 10 am
Sunday, March 23 – Beginning at 2 pm
Monday, March 24 – Beginning at 6pm
Equity & Non-Equity roles are available.
Circle Theatre is a member of the Equity Membership Candidacy program.
Housing and transportation are not provided for out of town hires.
Once upon a time, two visionaries in Los Angeles had a brilliant idea. The books and movies based on The Lord of the Rings were so popular...why not have a bit of fun and write a musical parody of The Fellowship Of The Ring? They shared their idea with a composer and a multi-talented cast of actors who then banded together with them to create a cult theater classic, Fellowship! Their merry little musical won numerous big awards and critics’ picks and played to sold-out houses in Los Angeles and New York. Circle is proud to bring its own production of Fellowship! to the "land of cowboys and culture" for its southwest premiere.
FRODO: male (tenor), 18-40
SAM/BALROG: male (baritone), 18-45
STRIDER: male (baritone – rock genre), 25-50 (plays guitar)
GIMLI/INNKEEPER: male/female (any voice type), 25-60
LEGOLAS/ARWEN: female (any voice type – rock genre), 18-45 
PIPPIN: male/female, 25-60 (any voice type)
BILBO/BOROMIR: male, 25-60 (baritone)
MERRY/EL ROND: male, 20-50 (any voice part)
GANDALF/GALADRIEL: male, 30-60 (bass/baritone)
When you sign up for an audition, you will receive a link containing sides and song selections from the show. Please come, having prepared:
  • one of the songs appropriate for the character for which you are auditioning
  • all the appropriate sides (memorization is not necessary)
  • you will be asked to participate in improvisational scenes as well
Perusal copies are available at Circle Theatre and at S.T.A.G.E. (for members only).
Auditions will be held at:
Circle Theatre
230 West Fourth Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
The soundtrack can be found on iTunes: Fellowship! Original Cast Recording
Click here for a map of the audition location.

Click here to schedule your audition appointment online.
You may also call 817.877.3040 to schedule your appointment.
Office Hours: 12pm - 5pm, Tuesday-Friday
If you are interested in these or any future roles at Circle Theatre, please complete our online Actor Questionnaire by CLICKING HERE. We also request that you send a digital copy of your headshot and a PDF of your resume to admin@circletheatre.com
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