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Posted: January 23, 2014
Audition Location: Norwell, MA

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The Company Theatre
to Hold Open Auditions
for The Drowsy Chaperon
The award-winning Company Theatre announces open auditions for their upcoming production of The Drowsy Chaperone, to be held Monday, January 27 at 6:30 pm at The Company Theatre Centre for the Arts, 30 Accord Park Drive, Norwell.  Music and Lyrics for The Drowsy Chaperone are by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison, with book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar. All roles are open for casting.  Call back information and a rehearsal schedule will be available at the audition.  The production will be directed by Zoe Bradford and Jordie Saucerman, choreographed by Sally Forrest, with music direction by Michael Joseph.
Winner of the 2006 Tony Award for best book and score, The Drowsy Chaperone delivers sparkling songs and dazzling dances, critically acclaimed by New York Magazine as “the perfect musical”. The curtain rises on a present-day musical theatre fanatic eager to share his infectious love for the 1928 Broadway musical “The Drowsy Chaperone”, who drops the needle on a rare recording, and the uproariously funny musical cleverly and magically bursts to life right in his apartment!  Character commentary, story and music ensue, as the tale of a rambunctious Broadway starlet unfolds.  Wacky characters abound – from a Latin lover to bumbling gangsters to the Drowsy Chaperone herself. Ruses, hi-jinks and a spinning plot spins draws everyone in to musical comedy euphoria!
Audition candidates should be strong singers and dancers, and arrive prepared to sing a song from the show, or in similar musical theater style.  An audition accompanist will be provided.  Dress appropriately to learn and rehearse a dance combination.  Audition candidates may bring their own sheet music.Please come prepared to sing sixteen bars and to learn a dance combination. Looking for strong singers and dancers. Audition candidates should bring a headshot or snapshot, and a resume is helpful but not required.
Performances of The Drowsy Chaperone will be held from April 4 through 27, with show times at7:30 or 8:00 pm from Thursday through Saturday.  Sunday matinee performances will be held at 3:00 pm. Tickets are available for $34.00 to $36.00.  For a complete performance schedule or to order tickets, please visit www.companytheatre.com.
Character Descriptions and Vocal Ranges:
Man in Chair: (30s-50s) An agoraphobic musical theatre fanatic who mourns the end of the “Golden Era” of Broadway Musicals. He tries to cure his “non-specific sadness” by narrating us through a recording of the 1920’s musical The Drowsy Chaperone.
Janet Van de Graaff: (30s) Star of Feldzieg’s Follies who is conflicted about giving up her life on the stage to marry Robert Martin. Attractive, vivacious, outgoing personality. She loves being the center of attention and is the consummate 1920s starlet. Strong movement and special skills (acrobatics, juggling, etc.) a plus. Vocal range: Mezzo with big belt (G3-E5)
Robert Martin: (30-40) The groom-to-be who is deeply in love with Janet. He is the token 1920s leading man – debonair, dashing, and a matinee idol. He is cheesy, cheerful, and optimistic. Must be able to tap dance and roller skate. Vocal range: Tenor (C3 – Ab4)
The Drowsy Chaperone: (40s-50s) Janet’s alcoholic confidante. Care-free, often because she is drunk. An experienced “woman of the world” who couldn’t care less what the world thinks. A melodramatic diva to be reckoned with who gleefully chews the scenery and steals just about every scene she is in. Great comedic role. Think Liza Minnelli meets Tallulah Bankhead. Vocal range: Alto with strong belt (F3-D5)
Aldolpho: (40s) Latin lothario. A womanizing cad who is very impressed with himself. He is confident, vigorous, and a buffoon. Vaudeville-style acting and fake Spanish/Italian accent required. Should have great comic timing. Vocal range: Bass/Baritone + great falsetto (A#2-G4)
Mrs. Tottendale: (45-60) A wealthy widow and host of the wedding. She is flighty, eccentric, often times forgetful, and funny. She is absolutely charming, bubbly and oblivious to the confusion her behavior generates in other people. Vocal range: Alto character voice (G3-Db5)
Underling: (50s-60s) Mrs. Tottendale’s unflappable butler and manservant. He is stoic, dry-humored and sarcastic. A cross between Arthur Treacher and Niles the butler from The Nanny. Vocal range: Tenor character voice (Ab2-G4)
Mr. Feldzieg: (40s-50s) Harried producer who will do anything to stop the wedding in order to keep Janet in the Follies. He is nervous, sarcastic, impatient, overbearing, and insensitive. Vocal range: Baritone (Db3-Db4)
Kitty: (30s) 1920s dumb blonde chorine. She is Mr. Feldzieg’s companion and will do anything to be a leading lady. A cross between Norma Cassady from Victor Victoria and Lena Lamont from Singin’ in the Rain. Vocal range: Soprano comedic belt (Bb3-F5)
George: (30s-40s) Robert’s anxious best man. He is loyal, sincere, and nervous. Makes looking out for Robert’s interests his top priority so that the wedding will come off without a hitch. Must be able to tap. Vocal range: Tenor (F3-Bb4)
Gangsters 1 & 2: (30s-40s) Two jovial gangsters who are posing as pastry chefs. Typical 1920s Broadway gangsters full of word play and stylized movements. Good comic timing and dancing skills required. Vocal range: Tenor (Db3-Gb4)
Trix the Aviatrix: (35-50) The brave and brash female aviator. She is sassy, sleek and a take charge kind of gal. Preferably an African American actress as originally cast. May double in the ensemble. Vocal range: Alto (Ab3-Eb5)
Ensemble: (20-40) Strong, dancing/singing ensemble consisting of at least 2 men and 2 women. Vocal range: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

For more information about auditions, please call the box office at 781-871-2787 or email Sally atSally@companytheatre.com. For more information about The Company Theatre, please visitwww.companytheatre.com, or follow The Company Theatre Centre for the Arts on Facebook.

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