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The end of the worlds longest unguarded border!
Started By: sabrelady
22128/30/15 2:52pm
Can The Adults Please Smoke? 38 and FEELING GREAT!!
Started By: bdwaygirl
54485,8848/30/15 2:01pm
Wild Tales
Started By: Mr Roxy
0788/30/15 12:29pm
Mr Roxy
Analysis: Why does the U.S. have so many mass shootings?
Started By: CarlosAlberto
36238/30/15 11:05am
Mister Matt
Clinton vs. Sanders your vote?
Started By: South Florida
736100,2248/30/15 8:17am
Watch MTV VMA 2015 Live Stream
Started By: johnkaymann
0898/30/15 8:01am
Started By: ChgoTheatreGuy
211,3168/30/15 6:01am
John oliver
Started By: Call_me_jorge
111,1718/30/15 1:42am
West Point professor urges US military to target war on terror critics
Started By: FindingNamo
55908/29/15 10:45pm
Mistress America and Fort Tilden
Started By: WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel
58648/29/15 9:38pm
The Virginia Shooting in Relation to #blacklivesmatter
Started By: Showface
87158/29/15 9:20pm
The Gift
Started By: rosscoe(au)
61,4218/29/15 8:08pm
Joey Ramone
Started By: Jane2
83998/29/15 2:53pm
The Pope praises author of book with lesbian rabbits & gay penguin parents.
Started By: theaterfan15
23868/29/15 2:19pm
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Started By: taboo123
900180,5858/29/15 12:51pm
If you're happy and you know it..
Started By: FindingNamo
211,2668/29/15 11:52am
Anyone know how long act 1 and 2 are in Matilda?
Started By: wickedfred
0878/29/15 11:18am
GREMLINS 2 Hollywood Brainstorm
Started By: Borstalboy
02268/29/15 10:11am
Freshman Snowflakes Rebel Over FUN HOME
Started By: Borstalboy
414,3818/29/15 9:38am
Target- Not your routine customer service page..
Started By: sabrelady
25688/29/15 9:27am
METS 2015
Started By: Jane2
9428,4648/29/15 8:36am
Trump & the White Nationalists
Started By: Kad
151,2838/29/15 3:18am
Are our parents helping us write our BWW posts?
Started By: FindingNamo
04048/29/15 12:28am
Psychics in jail...
Started By: FindingNamo
33888/28/15 11:26pm
The suicide of Conrad Roy III
Started By: Borstalboy
55068/28/15 10:20pm
Ricky Martin READS Donald Trump
Started By: CarlosAlberto
151,2358/28/15 8:37pm
Eartha Kitt sings "I Love Men"
Started By: Borstalboy
23298/28/15 8:22pm
Steve C.
PEARL at Lincoln Center this weekend
Started By: bunnie3
02078/28/15 7:16pm
Can someone explain the Taylor Swift appeal to me?
Started By: Borstalboy
774,3528/28/15 3:39pm
Jonathan Swift
Started By: FindingNamo
117048/28/15 9:42am
Big Brother 17
Started By: supersam1026
17429,0848/28/15 8:24am
Looting for Movie Streaming Website
Started By: sohelrana2q
34998/28/15 4:39am
LONGTIME COMPANION at 25: An oral history
Started By: Borstalboy
101,0458/28/15 12:10am
Taylor Kitsch
Started By: darquegk
55888/27/15 10:02pm
Taylor Swift
Started By: South Florida
199228/27/15 5:32pm
South Florida
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Started By: FindingNamo
17588/27/15 4:50pm
Shootings! Shootings! Shootings! Today's and tomorrow's shootings!
Started By: FindingNamo
695218,5768/27/15 4:46pm
American Horror Story: Hotel
Started By: Luscious
251,5888/27/15 4:27pm
How Many Best Pictures Can You Name...
Started By: Jay Lerner-Z
23198/27/15 4:25pm
Synecdoche, New York
Started By: Fantod
172,8918/27/15 3:11pm
Joey Fatone to One Direction: Everything is About to be Terrible
Started By: haterobics
161,6848/27/15 11:25am
Another Period
Started By: Phyllis Rogers Stone
132,3638/26/15 11:41pm
Are you mentally ill if you have an addiction?
Started By: Jane2
238148/26/15 11:39pm
Jane2 offices raided
Started By: Borstalboy
262,4778/26/15 4:23pm
A New "View" Starts Today
Started By: ucjrdude902
572216,6128/26/15 12:12pm
Tim Burton's "Poppins"?
Started By: Littleshopofcarrie
77958/26/15 9:32am
Fat People on planes
Started By: Howard Shore
192,8228/25/15 7:29pm
State Department confirms Hillary Clinton email violated no laws or policies
Started By: SmokeyLady
191,2618/25/15 6:24pm
New Music News That Isn't About Madonna
Started By: ArtMan
3811,9798/25/15 2:58pm
Jay Lerner-Z
Show Me a Hero on HBO
Started By: lovepuppy
45698/25/15 2:04pm

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