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The Well of the Saints by J. M. Synge

The Well of the Saints
by J. M. Synge


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Is blindness a curse or a blessing? Is a cure always the blessing one might think or is it sometimes not what a person really wants? J M Synge (1871 - 1909) was an Irish poet and playwright. He participated in the founding of the Abbey Theatre. The Well of the Saints is a three-act comedy. Synge used a story of bind people cured by a well on the Aran Islands told to him by Martin Conneely as a basis for his play. Martin and Mary are a blind couple who believe themselves to be beautiful. When a saint cures them they must work for a living. When blindness comes again they await a beautiful old age. When offered a second cure they refuse.

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Publisher: Book Jungle

Released: 2008

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