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Gaynor Minden

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DATE POSTED: 1/24/2012
PHONE #: 1 800.637.9240
ADDRESS: 140 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

Listing Information: Dancers are artists who deserve no less than the very best that human intelligence and imagination can deliver.

To truly serve dancers well, it is essential to recognize that they are athletes as well as artists and that the dancer's body is her instrument. Gaynor Minden dedicates itself to creating and producing products which respect the instrument, which benefit the artist, and which enhance the art.

While always respecting tradition, our designs boldly innovate. We seek out the finest materials - both time-honored and newly developed - and we manufacture to the highest standards. We recruit the most experienced dancers, teachers, and dance medicine experts as our advisors.

As a public service, Gaynor Minden strives to educate dancers on ballet history as well as on health and safety.