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CeCe Sammy - Celebrity Vocal Coach

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DATE POSTED: 2/20/2013

Listing Information: Often referred to as "The UK's Vocal Whiz", CeCe Sammy is a leading vocal and performance coach/consultant for some of the biggest names in music in the UK & has worked with artists who have sold millions of records & won numerous awards. CeCe is known for her TV appearances and behind the scenes contributions as a vocal coach, advisor and trouble-shooter on various music and entertainment shows such as "Pop Idol", "Celebrity X Factor", "Dance X" (known as "Dance Wars" in the US), "Just The Two of Us" (known as "Celebrity Duets" in the US) and much more!
Available for lessons, consulting and always happy to meet talented creative people. Lessons are offered both in Los Angeles and London & are available in person and via Skype.