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Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

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DATE POSTED: 12/11/2012
PHONE #: 212-675-1390
ADDRESS: 104 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011

Listing Information: Affordable, uniquely inviting spaces for emerging and established NYC artists in theatre, music & the visual arts: Rehearsals, performances, classes, workshops, readings, photo/video shoots, special events & art exhibits.

The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory is a true laboratory and salon where artists can engage in the research & development of new works, teach classes & workshops, and share their work in public performances, always followed by a colloquial reception offering lively discussion and good cheer. Our aim is to have the public events here be informative, inspiring, and fun; to engender a meaningful discourse between artists and public.

Directors, Carlo Altomare and Gia Lisa Krahne