VIDEO: Sneak Peek - Tonight's Episode of MIKE & MOLLY

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On tonight's episode of the CBS comedy MIKE & MOLLY, entitled "Karaoke Christmas," even while portraying Santa, Mike cannot contain his frustrations over Molly's Christmas spending and warns unsuspecting children about the dangers of maxing out credit cards to buy toys. Later, while Molly's family enjoys holiday festivities at home - complete with Christmas carols on Victoria's new karaoke machine - Mike and Molly get roped into spending Christmas Eve at church with Mike's mother and boss, on MIKE & MOLLY, Monday, Dec. 17 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS. Gerald McRaney guest stars as Police Captain Patrick Murphy, Mike's boss. Check out a sneak peek below!

MIKE & MOLLY stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy in a comedy about a working-class Chicago couple who had almost given up on love... and then found each other. Officer Mike Biggs is a good-hearted cop who works the beat with his fast-talking, wise guy partner, Officer Carl McMillan. When he least expects it, Mike meets Molly Flynn, an instantly likeable fourth grade teacher with whom he's immediately smitten. Molly lives with her sexy older sister, Victoria, and their flirtatious, wine-loving mother, Joyce. Mike and Carl frequent a diner where they've become friends with the Senegalese waiter, Samuel. Mike and Molly's relationship is often complicated by the interference of Mike's mom, Peggy, while Carl's Grandma and Joyce's fiancé Vince often offer unsolicited advice on love. Now that they've found each other, Mike and Molly have gotten married, and will start the next chapter of their lives together as newlyweds.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - Tonight's Episode of MIKE & MOLLY

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