TelVue's Noland to Chair ATSC Group on Next Generation Digital TV

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TelVue Corporation Product Manager Madeleine Noland has been asked to chair an ad hoc group under the Advanced Television Systems Commitee (ATSC)'s new Technical Group 3 (TG3), which is tasked with drafting requirements for the future of television broadcasting. ATSC, the primary technical standards-development body for television broadcast, recently formed TG3 to focus on redeveloping broadcast for a bold future.

"TelVue is proud of Madeleine's current contributions to the ATSC, and in particular, that she has been given even more responsibility at ATSC going forward to help in their effort to shape the future of broadcast television," said Jesse Lerman, TelVue President and CEO.

The first subgroup of TG3, dubbed TG3/S1 -- or the Specialist Group on System Requirements Documents -- has The Following mission: "Develop scenarios and use cases, and examine them within various industry contexts for the next-generation digital terrestrial television broadcast system (ATSC 3.0). The term 'television broadcast' above should not in any way constrain TG3/S1 from considering scenarios and use cases that may currently fall outside of the traditionally defined boundaries of television broadcasting, nor should the group limit itself to judging these scenarios solely within the contexts set by current technologies, business operations and regulatory conditions."

"It is likely that the requirements my group drafts during these next couple of months will serve as a foundation for broadcasting technology for years to come," explains Noland. "We are squarely in The Middle of the effort by broadcasters to modernize and deal proactively with the exciting changes in the world of video consumption."

Noland came to TelVue in July 2012 with a strong background in developing innovative solutions for digital video systems. She was CTO at BCM, formerly known as Backchannelmedia, and is a graduate of the SCTE Leadership training program at Dartmouth.

TelVue Corporation is a broadcast technology innovator and leader that helps video broadcasters automate their channels, expand their audiences across multiple screens, and broaden their ability to monetize their content. TelVue's professional quality broadcast equipment and cloud video services include all-in-one digital broadcast servers, live Internet streaming, IP video on demand (VOD), multi-user contribution and transcoding, and web-based digital signage. TelVue serves the local origination and leased access needs for 8 of the top 10 Cable and Telco MSOs, powers over 1,500 hyperlocal and PEG channels, and delivers local programming to over 30 million households. For more information about TelVue, please visit

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