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Lifetime's LIZ & DICK Scores 3.5 Million Viewers

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LIZ & DICK, the TV film touted as Lifetime's biggest original project of the year, and Lindsay Lohan's arguable comeback, at least as far as hype is concerned, managed to bring in 3.5 million viewers during its premiere last night, Deadline reported this afternoon.

Lifetime's original movie LIZ & DICK, which chronicles the rocky relationship of legendary stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, premiered as the fourth-most-watched original movie on ad-supported cable in 2012. In comparison to another Lifetime 'original' remake, STEEL MAGNOLIAS brought in 6.5 million viewers in October.

Directed by Lloyd Kramer, the film stars Lindsay Lohan as Taylor and Grant Bowler as Burton. The script was written by Christopher Monger and produced by Larry A. Thompson.

Since the premiere, the hype hasn't lessened, only changed forms: it's been touted by critics, as "an instant classic of unintentional hilarity," according to Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter, and Ken Tucker of People magazine said, "the primary interest in watching Liz & Dick was to behold Lindsay Lohan trying, with varying, wobbly degrees of effort, to make her own career comeback."

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