Lena Dunham & More Set for Paley Center's 'Women. Meditation. Stress' Panel

Lena Dunham & More Set for Paley Center's 'Women. Meditation. Stress' Panel

The David Lynch Foundation will host two hundred women professionals, including leaders in finance, publishing and the arts, at a luncheon and panel discussion at the Paley Center for Media in New York City on Tuesday, October 8 from 12 PM to 3 PM. The panel discussion will focus on meditation as a simple, evidence-based tool for managing stress in the workplace.

According to a growing number of scientific studies by prestigious institutions such as the Harvard School of Medicine, the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health, Transcendental Meditation (TM) lowers stress and blood pressure, increases focus and concentration, reduces anxiety, depression and insomnia and builds overall resilience.

"Women. Meditation. Stress" will discuss these outcomes and the experiences of women in the workplace who meditate. The event is co-sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation's Women's Initiative, the New York City Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence, the Avon Foundation for Women and More magazine.

"Doing TM for 40 minutes each day gives us the calm and focus we need to deal with our crazy, busy, hectic lives," says Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief of More magazine. "TM has changed the pace of my life and given me incredible focus and a sense of well-being."

"Meditation has empowered me in all aspects of my life from my career to personal relationships," says Guggenheim Investments CAO Rehanna Farrell. "I make more conscious decisions with a deeper perspective and more balanced approach. It has enhanced my natural strengths and improved areas of weakness."

The David Lynch Foundation will announce plans at the event to teach TM to 10,000 women survivors of domestic violence across the country. All proceeds from the event will support the initiative to teach meditation to victims in New York City.

"There is a tumultuous and ongoing storm of pain and anguish that rages in the minds of women who have suffered any kind of abuse, especially domestic violence," says internationally renowned physician and scientist Dr. Pamela Peeke. "Healing this suffering requires calm and inner enlightenment. This transcendence is found in the bliss and peace of TM's transcendence."

Panelists and speakers at the event include: