BWW Interview - Emily Deschanel Opens Up About BONES, Booth, & More

She's also always said that she's not getting married. So far, having a child hasn't changed that or at least changed her stubbornness about asking him. So, we'll see. I love that and I look forward to if this happens. I imagine at some point it will. I look forward to seeing what Brennan's proposal to Booth is like, but so far, I can't say I know definitively if that's happening yet.

Okay. The episode [might be emotional] for anyone. Was it emotional for you guys to shoot?

ED: Absolutely. It was very emotional, especially with scenes between the mother. I have played this character for a long time. I've Built in my mind who my mother is and was to me. It was quite emotional to do these scenes and to shed light on Brennan as a teenager and her relationship with her mother. I think anyone who's human who's lost somebody that they love, or even hasn't, but can imagine that, I think it's kind of a universal thing that you just want to see that person one more time and here, Brennan has that chance.

You know, she doesn't want it to end, at first doesn't believe it, etc. It's something that you always wish for when you've lost somebody. She gets this opportunity and that's so incredible -if we've done it right, hopefully people will be affected by it. Maybe it doesn't affect everyone, but that's okay. I'm glad that it affected you, hopefully, not too badly.

I can't think of many siblings over the years that have starred in hit shows at the same time on prime time TV and certainly, not playing characters as diametrically different as you two - how different are you and your sister [Zooey Deschanel] in real life?

ED: It's so hard for me from the inside to kind of analyze, but the way we think is completely different. We're very different in many ways. There are also similarities having grown up in the same household and having similarities for that reason. I don't know, we have lots of things in common, but we kind of view the world in different ways and have different ways of doing things. ... we end up doing things in a way, but yes, we have lots of things in common as well. We're different, but the same; is that a good answer?

I'm very impressed with how the tension on this series between them has kept up. Is it because we have other relationships to watch or is it even that logical?

ED: It's impossible to give the complete answer, but I think maybe one part is the fact that-I think Hart Hanson (BONES' creator) would say, because we've discussed this. I think that Hart Hanson created this show and is the show owner, and I think that one part is that we didn't spend-there was no courtship, and I think courtship can be kind of boring to watch sometimes for people. I think our dynamic shifted, but there's still that core relationship that's the same.

I know you obviously have a lot on your plate, but are you still interested directing an episode of the show?

ED: I do hope so. I would just have to wait until my son was big enough that I didn't feel like I had to be with him as much. Right now, I take him with me every day. I see him during my breaks, and I'm still practicing as much attachment parenting as possible. I really want that to be in place before I would do something like direct, which definitely is more challenging while I'm also acting on the show.

I definitely want to, but I made a choice in life and got pregnant and had a child, and I want to put my child first. It is a goal for me, and I hope to do that. Possibly next season, maybe after Henry's two, or if we have a tenth season, maybe then or both, we'll see.

Just as a final question, can you talk a little bit about your physical comedy chops. I think one of the best scenes that I can remember was the dance competition.

ED: Yes. Watching that episode is like watching-I don't know, I was embarrassed for myself. Even though I chose to do all of those things on purpose, it was just embarrassing. I like doing the comedic episodes because it's just refreshing and I enjoy doing comedic things and physical comedy; it's fun.

I kind of go to the place of-you know it's like Brennan thought she could sing, and her mom told her she could sing. Then, she sings and it's okay, but like Brennan thinks, she can dance. So she's committed to dancing, but I kind of go back to the child in the character and think like, okay this is Brennan as a child, thinking she can dance and just committing completely to this dance competition and loving it so much, but having no clue of how bad she is. It's just so fun for me; I loved it.

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