BWW Recap: TEEN WOLF Head Like a Hole

BWW Recap: TEEN WOLF Head Like a Hole

Looks like we'll be beginning and ending the first half of Season Four in Mexico. And from tonight's penultimate episode, things are not looking good for Scott and the gang. By the end of the episode, was it just me who had no idea what is going to happen in the finale next week? Man, I hope so because I have a LOT of questions. Let's dissect this, shall we?

Veterinarian/Badass Deaton is on a mission to discover what happened to Derek. Even if it means trapping serial killers, or getting lost in a hole in a man's head. No, that seriously happened. After falling into a tiny coma, Lydia is the only one that could bring him out of it, even though they don't show us how.

Liam is going through a sort of PTSD with nightmares about the Berzerkers. Mason and his sideburns are really concerned but Liam isn't sharing. He finds an unexpected mentor in his rival, Brett who is now super loyal to Scott after he saved him.

Peter runs into Chris in the sewers. (Chris...why are you in the sewers? Does anything good EVER happen in the sewers?) Peter impales him and leaves him to die until Deputy Parrish shows up and refuses to leave him. He inspires him to release adrenaline and help Parrish save his life. Peter then heads to the Lacrosse game because Lacross, as it turns out, is really the most important thing that happens in Beacon Hills. Peter sits next to his daughter and in true daddy dearest fashion, he asks her to kill Kate?

Scott tries desperately to give Kira a super romantic first date, which goes great at first until Kate and her Berzerker show up and decide to torture them. They are beaten mercilessly and they take Scott to Mexico where Kate makes him...a Berzerker?

Huh? Wait, so has she transformed all of the berzerkers? Are they all just victims? Anyone? Anyone?

Here's What I know:

  • The money problems all seemed to vanish didn't they? Derek doesn't seem to really care about the money, Sheriff Stiles got a 'credit' from the hospital. Funny how that happens to insignificant details.

  • Looks like we're headed back to Mexico for the finale. Nice bookends, MTV.

  • Fun Fact - The doctor at Eichen is Scott's father in real life.

  • Another fun fact - Did you know Lydia's mom and Peter Hale are married in real life?

  • I'm stalling because I don't know a whole lot.

Here's what I don't know: