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BWW Recap: A Hero is Lost on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME

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BWW Recap: A Hero is Lost on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIMEAs the episode begins, we find our heroes gathered at Granny's diner discussing Rumpelstiltskin's return. They are all not sure how Rumpel could still be alive after he died before their very eyes, and are unaware of as to why the Wicked Witch would want to keep him locked in her cellar. Hook believes Neil is the one who brought Rumpel back to life, for he expressed such a desire in the Enchanted Forest. Regina also decides that she must go investigate the Witch's home for potions or special ingredients that might have contributed to her Capture of Rumpelstiltskin.

We then spot the Wicked Witch in the forest of Storybrooke. She attempts to use Rumpel's dagger to summon him, but fails. The Witch believes she cannot control the Dark One because he has escaped her, and sends one of her flying monkeys to re-capture him.

In Rumpel's old shop, Emma tells Belle that the gang believes Rumpel is still alive. She asks Belle to search the shop to try and find some sort of clue as to how he could be resurrected. Hook agrees to stay with Belle and help her search the shop. As they begin to their task, Neil stumbles into the shop, clearly sick or hurt.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle and Neil begin to raid Belle's old library to find information on how to bring back the Dark One. They light a candelabra to brighten to room a bit- however, much to their surprise, the candelabra turns out to be Lumiere! Apparently, Lumiere could not hold up his end of a deal with Rumpelstiltskin as a human, so Rumpel reduced him to a candelabra as a punishment. When Belle inquires why she has never seen him before in the castle, Lumiere explains that he is only visible when his candles are lit. Belle asks if he knows of any books in the library that could possibly aid them in resurrecting Rumpelstiltskin, but Lumiere is hesitant to contribute to their cause due to his past with the Dark One. However, Belle promises that she will convince Rumpel to return him to human form if he will aid them in their quest. Lumiere agrees to this deal, and directs Belle to a book on the shelf that contains a key to the vault of the Dark One; in the vault, they will somehow be able to restore Rumpelstiltskin. Belle and Neil immediately leave to search for the vault. In a shocking plot twist, the Wicked Witch appears in the library after they have gone; it is revealed that Lumiere is working with the Wicked Witch.

Meanwhile, Henry is beginning to grow suspicious of why Emma has brought him to Storybrooke. When he questions is mother of her intentions, Emma refuses to give up any information. Henry wears her down, and Emma promises to tell him her secret eventually, but for now he needs to trust that their presence in Storybrooke is necessary.

Neil is taken to the hospital; he does not remember how he returned to Storybrooke or how he was hurt. He has a mysterious scar on his hand in shape of a triangle type symbol. Belle agrees to do research on the symbol to try to discover its origin. Emma also informs Neil that Henry has lost his memories, thus he does not remember Neil is his father.

BWW Recap: A Hero is Lost on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIMEIn Storybrooke, the Wicked Witch visits a very pregnant Snow White in her apartment. Snow remains unaware of the Witch's identity, for she has been operating under the name Zelena. Zelena asks Snow if the troops have any leads in the search for the Wicked Witch (ironically!), and Snow admits that no one has any ideas as to her whereabouts. Zelena gives Snow some orange juice that she claims will help her baby, but the smirk on the Witch's face might suggest that the juice has been tainted with a poison of sorts.

While going to investigate the Witch's house, Regina runs into Robin Hood, who had been hiding in front of the Witch's house. The former thief was attempting to shoot the Witch with a bow and Arrow as she came home. Robin desires to help Regina search from some dirt on the Witch, and Regina reluctantly agrees to let him be her partner in crime.

Neil remains in the hospital. Hook goes to visit him, and the two end up making a truce on the whole Emma-Neil-Hook love triangle. Despite Emma's wishes, Hook lets Neil out of bed, and Neil goes off to find his father, whom he heard is roaming around the woods.

Charming and Emma are already at work searching for Rumpel in the woods. Emma admits to charming that she is considering moving back to New York after the current curse has been broken, for she wants to return Henry to a normal life. Suddenly, Charming and Emma spot Rumpel running through the woods. They catch up to him, and it is clear something is wrong with the former Dark One; he complains of hearing too many voices. However, he wearily tells Charming and Emma that he knows where the Witch is; unfortunately, he is then attacked by a flying monkey, and runs away from the father and daughter.

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