Review Roundup: Lea Michele, Megan Hilty Follow Yellow Brick Road in LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY'S RETURN

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Justin Chang | Variety

"Banking on audience affection for MGM's classic "The Wizard of Oz" (but remaining within acceptable legal boundaries, of course) while cooking up a comparatively feeble set of adventures for Dorothy, Toto and friends, this first theatrical outing for Clarius Entertainment will likely melt away at the box office before finding a small pot of ancillary gold at the end of the rainbow." Read the full Review here.

Jen Chaney | Washington Post

"Now along comes LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY'S RETURN, which manages to be animated in form but completely listless in content. This is a musical that borrows tangentially from some of the most imaginative source material in the history of children's stories and weaves elements of that material into a tale with zero stakes and a troubling tendency to make Scarecrow say such things as 'Copy that' and 'Secure the chamber!'" Read the full Review here.

Peter Hartlaub | San Francisco Chronicle

"The long journey is filled with action and familiar characters, but ultimately falls short of success. All the brains, heart and courage in the world can't save a movie that doesn't have a third act." Read the full Review here.

Tom Russo | Boston Globe

"The enterprise, while gently reverent, looks and feels as shaky as it sounds, tonally as flat as Kansas farmland. This is mythology that's famously transportive in every sense, but the animators struggle to take us anywhere truly captivating, or even clearly defined." Read the full Review here.

Joe Williams | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"This musical 'toon isn't made for anyone old enough to operate a remote control, let alone remember the MGM classic, but the dubious, discount-bin eye candy could keep the chaperones awake." Read the full Review here.

Did you follow the Yellow Brick Road back to OZ this weekend? Add your Review to the roundup on the comments below.

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