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Suzana Stankovic to Bring MISTRESS OF THE HOUR to the Tank

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Suzana Stankovic to Bring MISTRESS OF THE HOUR to the Tank

Noted for her depth and daring, dance-theatre artist, Suzana Stankovic, will premiere Mistress of the Hour, a confessional, avant-garde work at The Tank Theater, 151 west 46th Street in New York City, from March 21st - March 22, 2014.

Inspired by the work's message and in honor of women's history month, proceeds will be donated toMADRE, a non-profit organization demanding rights, resources and results for women worldwide. A matching gift from an anonymous philanthropist will double the donation. Tickets are $15 online, $18 at the door and can be purchased here. Mistress of the Hour will be on a shared bill with the Tank's curator of theatre and artistic director of Lamb Lays with Lion,Jeremey Catterton, who will present a 40-minute play in the vein of the theatre of disruption.

Mistress of the Hour is a 30-minute, immersive and seamless, dance-theatre work fusing dance, poetry, spoken text and theatre to explore, question and reinterpret centuries-old female archetypes such as, 'girl/woman', 'virgin', 'slut', 'bitch', 'bride' and 'mother'. Suzana Stankovic states, "females are still conditioned more or less, to be a pretty princess, to be nice girls and people pleasers lest they should be called a bitch, yet this is in contradiction to our so-called's an interesting question of female identity in today's world." Mistress of the Hour is performed by dancer-actor, Vincent Louis Marra in the lead male role and Suzana Stankovic in the lead female role of the Mistress.

Beginning with a dramatic solo by Stankovic that incorporates elements of performance art, Stankovic's character unearths aspects of her psyche to confront and release subconscious fears, desires, doubts, beliefs and obsessions that have been deluding her and impeding her quest for liberation. References to death, birth and metamorphosis are interwoven throughout, both in choreography and text, recorded and spoken, to make for a surreal world brimming with feral beauty, spirituality and humanity in which the audience is fully immersed.

At various points during the performance, Stankovic breaks the fourth wall and makes her way into the audience to interact with and feed off their energy whom she calls her, "strangers, lovers and confidantes." They bear witness to her self-liberation, which unfolds via episodes of psychological and physical unraveling heightened by the intimacy of the Tank Theater. "The energy between the audience and me is meant to be very electric. It's not a contrived performance but rather a real unmasking and disrobing of the private self in front of a room full of voyeurs."

Mistress of the Hour features poetry excerpts by Emily Dickinson, text by Suzana Stankovic, sound design by Andy Altmann and music by Abel Korzeniowski and Jacques Brel delivering a message of self-liberation and independence that is both universal and timeless, "I left the crowd. I entered the place I feared. I bit through blood, dirt and bone and birthed myself at last" - Suzana Stankovic

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