THE GRAND TOUR and JOHN ZORN Celebration Set for the Met Museum, Sept 2013

THE GRAND TOUR and JOHN ZORN Celebration Set for the Met Museum, Sept 2013

Note the following updated program and artist information for two Met Museum Presents events: The Grand Tour (Sept. 17-18) and John Zorn-A Museum-Wide Celebration (Sept. 28). Details below!

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 17 & 18, 2013, at 8:00 p.m. in the New European Paintings Galleries, 1250-1800

The Grand Tour

This unprecedented evening, which celebrates the reinstallation of the Museum's New European Paintings Galleries, 1250-1800, takes groups of audience members into four different galleries to experience, one after another, four different 20-minute programs by some of the world's leading early music artists. Ensembles Tenet, Dark Horse Consort, and Quicksilver, and harpsichordist Jory Vinikour perform music that harmonizes with the content of the individual galleries.

Please note: On September 17 only, the concert will begin with a performance by TENET, Dark Horse Consort, and Quicksilver, of a short work, "Dancksaget dem Vater" ("Give Thanks to the Father") by Johann Rosenmüller, in the Great Hall.

TENET in Venetian Sixteenth-Century Painting Gallery

A program of highlights from the extraordinarily rich repertoire of Italian madrigals published in 16th-century Venice. Music printing was born in Venice in 1501 and the city became home to the leading publishers of music. This program samples the brilliant repertoire of polyphonic vocal music. One of New York's preeminent vocal ensembles, TENET, under artistic director Jolle Greenleaf, is winning acclaim for its innovative programming, virtuosic singing, and command of repertoire that spans the Middle Ages to the present.

Performers: Jolle Greenleaf and Molly Quinn, sopranos; Owen McIntosh, alto; Jason McStoots, tenor; Hank Heijink, lute; Scott Metcalfe, harp

Program: Works by Luca Marenzio, Giaches de Wert, and Claudio Monteverdi

DARK HORSE CONSORT in the Evelyn Borchard Metzger Gallery featuring Dutch paintings from The Benjamin Altman Collection

Renaissance instrumental music from wind-band manuscripts by Tylman Susato, Jacob Obrecht, Nicolas Gombert, and Orlande de Lassus. Much like their counterparts in the art world, the composers from the low countries were sought after by every court and cathedral in Europe. How better to appreciate the new techniques in brushwork than with its counterpart in counterpoint? The Dark Horse Consort is an ensemble dedicated to the brass music of the early 17th century.

Performers: Kiri Tollaksen and Alexandra Opsahl, cornettos; Greg Ingles, Erik Schmalz, and Mack Ramsey, sackbuts

Program: Works by Jacob Obrecht, Tylman Susato, Nicolas Gombert, Orlande de Lassus, and Giaches de Wert

QUICKSILVER in Baroque Painting in Italy Gallery

A program of mannerist, experimental sonatas in the 17th-century "modern style." Led by violinists Robert Mealy and Julie Andrijeski, Quicksilver brings together leading historically-informed performers in America today; they released a recording, Stile Moderno: New Music from the Seventeenth Century, in 2011.

Performers: Robert Mealy and Julie Andrijeski, violins; Avi Stein, harpsichord; and Charles Weaver, theorbo and guitar

Program: Works by Giovanni Paolo Cima, Dario Castello, Giovanni Battista Fontana, and Johann Kaspar Kerll

JORY VINIKOUR, HARPSICHORD, in History, Portraits, and Genre in Eighteenth-Century France Gallery

Harpsichordist Vinikour performs music of Louis and François Couperin and Rameau, whose work brings a unique harmonic sense and unparalleled virtuosity to repertoire for that instrument. Jory Vinikour is recognized as one of the outstanding harpsichordists of his generation. His 2012 recording of the complete harpsichord works of Rameau received a Grammy nomination for best classical instrumental solo recording.

Program: Works by Louis Couperin, François Couperin, Jean Philippe Rameau

Tickets: $100

Saturday, September 28, 2013, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

John Zorn-A Museum-Wide Celebration

A recipient of the 2006 MacArthur Award, New York City native and music icon John Zorn is a composer, performer, arranger, producer, impresario, and multi-instrumentalist whose influential body of work defies categorization, having explored a vast spectrum of genres-including jazz, rock, hardcore punk, classical, klezmer, popular, and improvised music, among many others-over the past four decades. To celebrate his 60th birthday (September 2, 2013), the Met will present an unprecedented Museum-wide musical event devoted to the work of this one composer, free to all Museum visitors.

For an entire day, the Museum's galleries will pulsate with John Zorn's restless and electric sounds, as musicians perform in various galleries. Most of the works presented on this day are Met Museum commissions; others are existing pieces, specifically selected for their organic and sonic relevance to particular gallery spaces. Performances will begin in the Great Hall, and continue in galleries including Ancient Near Eastern Art, the Vélez Blanco Patio, the Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Arms and Armor Court, Medieval Sculpture Hall, The American Wing, the Egyptian Wing, the European period rooms, and The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing.