Thomas Paul Fondy Releases THERE IS NOT MORE OF WONDER

Thomas Paul Fondy Releases THERE IS NOT MORE OF WONDER


In "There Is Not More of Wonder: Than a Firefly's Playful Flickering in a Child's Cupped Hands" (published by Trafford Publishing), Thomas Paul Fondy's new collection of poems and the personal stories that inspired the verses, readers are reminded of, as Fondy puts it, "the majesty of our shared humanity." In intricately crafted verse, he celebrates humanity's touching bond with souls from long ago and looks forward to humanity's shared future.

In the "Silent Song of the Oakwood Children" and in "The Baby of Single Day", Fondy treasures the short lives of babies who were present only briefly in modern time and in ages past. He reminds readers of the majesty of their shared humanity, saying, "We can move, love one another and be loved, even if we pass in only a few hours, even if we live centuries apart."

"There Is Not More of Wonder" is about what Fondy calls the shared wonders of human existence. He says it is a topic which will be intimately familiar to everyone but will have been experienced by each person in different ways.

"Memories on the Mystic Harp" was written by a child of World War II to the treasured memories of hundreds of thousands of young men and women who never returned to their sweethearts from the battlefields and oceans of that long ago war, or who never had the chance to meet at all in this life. An excerpt from the poem: