“The god-man: seed of Satan” is Released

“The god-man: seed of Satan” is Released

Most fiction centered around the Biblical end times begins with the rapture of Christians; however, one man believes that this is an inaccurate reading of scripture. Bruce Biller's book "The god-man: seed of Satan" supports the view that the Great Tribulation will be cut short by the rapture, followed immediately by God's wrath that will be directed toward the ungodly.

The first in a series of books focused on the last seven years of human history, "The god-man: seed of Satan" begins with the birth of the Antichrist and follows his early life. By starting his book with this unique perspective, Biller allows readers to look deep into the psyche of a future ruler who strives to be the second person of the counterfeit trinity. The first novel depicts life in the first three and a half years of this tumultuous period as the Antichrist consolidates his power in his quest for dominion over the earth.

Biller also uses real places to make the book more recognizable to readers. He has traveled to the locations he uses in the book and writes from first-hand knowledge. Biller's experiences in these places and time spent researching the Bible are evident throughout his novel. His book also highlights important events that have been predicted in the Bible, which bear a striking resemblance to current events in our world today.

Biller hopes his books will encourage Christians to hold onto their hope in Christ, even in a world that can seem far from God and more out of control by the day. He believes that conditions for Christians will become much harder, but that they have great hope through faith in Jesus.

"My books show how the church is to be 'salt' and 'light' to a world that is rapidly embracing Satan's deception," Biller said. "While it doesn't solve the issues the peoples of earth are facing, it does offer a solution that will enable individuals to persevere in times of tribulation with an unshakeable confidence in the one who controls the future."

"The god-man: seed of Satan"
By Bruce Biller
ISBN: 978-1-4497-6631-3 (sc); 978-1-4497-6630-6 (hc); 978-1-4497-6630-6 (e)
Softcover, $22.95
Hardcover, $37.95
Ebook, $9.99
Approximately 336 pages
Available at and

About the author

Bruce Biller is a supportive member of an evangelical church and a board member of an international ministry that helps plant churches, establish orphanages and train pastors. Biller is the cofounder of an information technology firm and lives in Southern California with his wife, Kay. For more information, visit his website at

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