The Virgin Poet Brings Back Aesthetic Poetry in Public Eye

August 31
5:26 2014
The Virgin Poet Brings Back Aesthetic Poetry in Public Eye

Poetry has been with the author who goes by the pseudonym of The Virgin Poet as a way of expressing in a spontaneous manner his ideas that have been thoroughly contemplated. Through poetry, he is able to pass the necessary moments away from society and in individualism to later reintroduce it filled with artistic airs (whenever he is making descriptions) what he has taken from society. Other times, he uses poetry to dress his personal or adopted thoughts with aesthetic vigor, so that they can be seen in a more appealing way.

"Anxious Writings of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Years" (published by Xlibris) is for people like him who likes to read aesthetic poetry, but feel at times a little detached from the poets from centuries ago. This is a contemporary show of poetry's aesthetics. Many of these English-styled sonnets were composed while he sat in the university library. He tried to meet people there as well, which is why academics are a big topic in his work. The greatest recurring theme of his poetic writings is nature. Through this work, The Virgin Poet is trying to help give poetry a fresh renewal in the public eye. He used to write more in Spanish when he was charmed by a vigorous Mexican girl from Tamaulipas who did not speak English. From there, he began writing outstandingly better love poems and began writing in Spanish as well so that she would be able to read his compositions.

"Anxious Writings of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Years" provides readers with a steady dose of literary brilliance through English-style sonnets. The Virgin Poet have put a lot of thought and time into making this book sophisticated, intriguing and a pleasing representation of poetry, especially English poetry.


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