The Mexican Fisherman by Pete is Released

The Mexican Fisherman by Pete is Released

According to, separation affects everyone differently. Most people admit feeling the worst they have ever felt in their life, and grief - where they feel the loss of an important part of their life - may be the reason for this. Pete found himself in a hell of a mess after splitting with his wife. However, instead of simply wallowing in his grief, he decided to write and reflect upon his life. Now, he is finally able to bare his soul to others through his new memoir, titled "The Mexican Fisherman."

"In the years leading to this event, my life had taken me through many strange places and through unbelievable experience's, some of which scared me deeply," admits Pete. "I wrote the book in the hope to take stock of my life thus far, share my tales and allow others a chance to share, laugh at or even learn from my experience's in some of life's more challenging times."

"The Mexican Fisherman" is Pete's autobiographical reflection on an unbelievable yet all too common existence. It details his experiences with his closest friends, his family, as well as his ex-wife. It is an honest personal reflection on the choices a young man made; some forced upon him, some made of his own free will and the long lasting consequences that have affected many others since.

A review from an infantry NCO who wished to remain anonymous reads:

It is our own macabre curiosity that makes us jealous of those who have seen dark places. Those who have stepped into unlit rooms, when we have only gazed into the abyss from the doorway. There will never be a shortage of good citizens who by choice or by fear never venture away from the light. It is of little consequence that those who have, did it because they made it a conscious decision or had their choice made by circumstance. Should chance decide that you cross paths with someone like this, you will not be able to forget their story. This is a story I will not forget.

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