'The Last Election' is Announced

August 19
6:16 2014
'The Last Election' is Announced

Suttons Bay, Mich.

After 71 years as one nation state, America held its last election in 1860, provoking circumstantial events that led to the Civil War. What followed was a raucous secession and separation of two incompatible ways of life. One and a half centuries later, powerful divisive forces are driving Americans apart, fraying the nation's common thread. Is America headed towards another last election? In this intriguing inquiry into the social, economic and political course of American history, author James Glenn Reynolds revisits the factors that led to the previous war. "The Last Election" (published by Xlibris) examines the similar forces recurring today and bares a conclusion that challenges the view of an entire nation.

"America will break up into two or more nations soon, driven by the powerful forces of overwhelming debt, impoverishment of the middle classes against their expectations, and a national government bent on controlling every aspect of life," Reynolds says. "Americans are coming to realize that our common thread no longer binds us together, evidenced by our hopeless political division and desire for very different and incompatible ways of life."


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