Talayah Stovall Relaunches 'Crossing the Threshold'

May 13
9:04 2014
Talayah Stovall Relaunches 'Crossing the Threshold'

Do you find yourself self-sabotaging your love life, repeating the same bad relationship habits over and over? Talayah G. Stovall, author and inspirational speaker, has a written a motivational book to help solve these self-worth issues. Her first book, Crossing the Threshold: Opening Your Door to Successful Relationships, is being re-released by Next Century Publishing. This book was written to teach you how to maximize your potential, become your best self, and attract the relationships that you want to have.

Crossing the Threshold is the self-help book for the person who wants to have a greater sense of self-worth, as well as more meaningful relationships. Instead of providing fixes for surfaces issues, Crossing the Threshold provides readers with the tools to identify and repair the emotional issues that prevent one from maximizing potential and having the relationship that they've always dreamed of. This book teaches individuals to become the kind of person they want to be in a relationship with, in order to attract the right match. Stovall poses the question, "Do you tend to feel powerless in your relationships?" and tells readers, "You may be a Door Mat." Talayah shows you how to transform from a Door Mat or Door Prize into a Door Belle - a woman who is balanced, self-loving, and relationship ready. Crossing the Threshold also includes many other valuable lessons, such as how to release Mr. "In the Meantime" and overcome "Cinderella Syndrome".

Talayah G. Stovall, president of TGrace and Managing Director of Vision Catalyst Consulting, has dedicated her life to teaching people self-confidence and helping them feel empowered. Talayah uses the spoken and written word to inspire people to maximize their potential, and use their natural abilities to become their best self. "Take those small steps toward fulfilling your purpose, and soon you'll discover that increased satisfaction with your life isn't a difficult thing to find." Says Ms. Stovall. She offers motivational speaking and workshops designed to enhance both your personal and professional life.


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