THE INFINITY ZONE has Educational, Science Fiction and Psychology Heavyweights Buzzing

Besides having unique "EinSteiner" science behind it, this transformation book for the body, mind, and spirit stands out with fascinating photos, illustrations, and equations, making it a fun, educational read for all ages; all in only 140 pages. The e-book is an enhanced version with active links to more in-depth information and interesting facts. Science Fiction icon, David Brin, author of "EARTH" and "EXISTENCE" says "The Infinity Zone" is "A nifty tour of gorgeous patterns, fun coincidences and inspiring rhythms in nature, body and mind."

Author Pallamary's previous novel, San Diego Book Award-winning, "Land Without Evil", is simultaneously enjoying critical success. Its aerial stage adaptation by Austin's Sky Candy and Agent Red, completed a run with sold-out shows to rave reviews in December 2012. PBS followed with a documentary of the show, which aired in Austin on 1/31/13 and online on PBS at PBS will air the show nationally on TV in upcoming months.

On February 1, 2013, Pallamary and Mayberry, both longtime San Diego residents - Pallamary is originally from Dorchester, MA - were honored at a "Local Authors Awards" ceremony in San Diego. From February 15-18, 2013, Pallamary will be teaching his 25th year at the Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego.

"The Infinity Zone: A Transcendent Approach to Peak Performance", is available for review as an enhanced e-book and in print format upon request at Mystic Ink Publishing and for purchase on

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