Spiritual Mentor, Greg Friedman, Hosts Journey Radio Program from Laguna Beach, 4/20

Spiritual Mentor, Greg Friedman, Hosts Journey Radio Program from Laguna Beach, 4/20

On Saturday night, 4/20/13 at 11 p.m. PST, on KX 93.5 FM Radio, spiritual mentor Greg Friedman, host of Inner Journey Radio Program from Laguna Beach, CA will have a meeting of the minds with award-winning spiritual author and shamanic explorer Matthew J Pallamary to discuss how ancient spiritual practices can help the American public cope with fear, anger, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in today's society. Click here at KX 93.5 Radio FM at 11 p.m. 4/20, then click "Listen Live" at the top of the page.

Greg Friedman is a modern day spiritual guide and mentor who builds bridges and helps clear paths by taking the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and making it applicable to people in their everyday lives.

Friedman works with clients one on one, in workshops, as a couple's referee and translator, as well as taking small groups of people all over the world to work with indigenous elders in remote destinations. He has studied and done ceremony with Peruvian Shamans, Aborigine elders and elders from various Native American tribes including the Yaqui, the Deer Tribe, the Lakota and the Abanaki.

"At the close of the Mayan calendar" Freidman says, "I had more than one client ask what I thought about the end of the world. My answer was simple and consistent. Live Now. The truth is that this moment is the only one we have. Every time I type the words Live Now, I always type Love NoW. Maybe there is no distinction."

"Because of the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, once again I had clients asking about how to deal with all of the shadow they see in the world, or their perspective that the shadow is overtaking the light. Once again, the answer is the same: Live Now Love Now. If any of us acts as the light and love we desire in our lives, we provide a fertile environment for that to be contagious, for the light to be the thing we live in that draws others, not because of what we say or preach, but because of how we live."

Pallamary, an author and student/teacher of spirituality, shamanism, and writing for over thirty years, agrees. He teaches how to balance personal and physical energy, increase mental and physical acuity, and tap into calm focused, positive thinking through many techniques, which include energy awareness exercises, an 8Board balance device as well as visionary plant diets.