Shelley Rose Releases 'Protecting The Mentally Challenged Young Adult'

An article recently posted by Portland News Herald reveals how the limitations of legal protections leave parents helpless when it comes to taking care of their mentally challenged adult children. In line with this, author Shelley Rose shares the journey of a mother torn by the loss of her developmentally disadvantaged daughter. Told in a narrative form, Protecting The Mentally Challenged Young Adult exposes the dangers that can harm adults who, despite not being in their right frame of judgment, are given the freedom to make weak and unstable decisions in a grown-up world. Although the names have been changed to protect the identity of the real characters, this story is a true-to-life account.

The law lifts parental responsibility for anyone who turns eighteen years of age. This means that those who are in their legal age have the right to pursue any venture in their own choosing, as long as it fits within the confines of the law. Sadly, the same system applies when it comes to mentally challenged adults who obviously are not capable of making reasonable decisions - decisions which can not only pose a threat to others, but also to their own well-being. This is exactly what one mentally challenged adult went through, when she was influenced by a family who turns her against her own flesh and blood. Moving, it also reveals a mother's plea to gain her daughter back and put an end to her suffering.

An inspiring literary masterpiece that will move readers to their core, Protecting The Mentally Challenged Young Adult will stir its readers' emotions and give them insights on the importance of fighting for one's own child - even if that child is already a grown adult.

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