Sandra Mason Beckham Details Real Life Love Story in THIRTY YEARS LATER

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Sandra Mason Beckham Details Real Life Love Story in THIRTY YEARS LATER

Bowie, MD -- Many readers enjoy a good love story. They root for a happy ending as the author pulls on their heartstrings and stirs their emotions. Sandra Mason Beckham does all that and more in her new book, "Thirty Years Later: The Oyster and the Pearl" (published by AuthorHouse), a real life love story of two people, as different as can be, overcoming all else in the name of love.

"No matter what state the world is in, people fall in and out of love every day," Beckham writes. "It helps people to understand that there are no perfect people in existence, but when you embrace the many good qualities of people, it's easy to overlook the minor flaws we all possess."

Beckham met her husband by chance over thirty years ago. "Thirty Years Later" details how different they were and how she tried to avoid him at first, fighting against what her heart knew she wanted. Through many attempts on his part, and much procrastination on hers, she finally yielded to her heart's wishes. The story of them learning to appreciate each others' qualities forms the foundation of this romance, marriage and true love story of over thirty years.

This powerful, endearing and relatable love story chronicles the Beckhams' courtship, eventual wedding and the laughter and tears that came each step of the way.

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