In life, emotional pain can inflict far more anguish than physical injuries, and while wounds can heal, emotional damages can linger on for years, festering unseen until they manifest debilitating psychological symptoms that can leave a person crippled. Their intangible nature means that they are much harder to diagnose and treat than conventional ailments, but author and Doctor Ron Leifer offers his readers a way to soothe their hurts and improve their lives through a method that blends Tibetan Buddhism, psychology and psychiatry, which he presents in his new book, Engagements With The World.

One of the ironies of the present human condition is that people think of themselves as rational beings, yet they are obviously driven by emotions that science only vaguely understands. After more than a century of interest in the mind and behavior, psychologists are now turning their attention to emotional states. Dr. Leifer's Engagements With The World: Emotions And Human Nature has two related aims. Firstly, it presents a new, scientifically sound paradigm, based on a view of human nature that is consistent with the Buddhist view that accounts for the variety and characteristics of particular human emotions. Secondly, it presents it in a way that readers can understand and apply to achieve a balanced emotional life.

The ideas Dr. Leifer presents have their origins in, and synthesize, the four streams of thought that have shaped his life experience: medicine and biology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, philosophy and Western thought, and Buddhism and Asian wisdom. His work aims to help readers understand themselves and others around them, in order to navigate the difficulties of living in complex, modern societies, and come to terms with the painful emotions they harbor within themselves.

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