Rideau Recognition Solutions Releases 'People Artistry at Work The Ennoblement Imperative'

Rideau Recognition Solutions Releases 'People Artistry at Work The Ennoblement Imperative'

Rideau Recognition Solutions Chief Executive Officer Peter W. Hart and author David Zinger, a globally recognized expert on the subject of worker engagement, have teamed up to write "The Ennoblement Imperative: People Artistry at Work." Copies are available here:

Hart and Zinger offer readers 10 principles and 8 tools for helping managers who've been stuck in the spreadsheets to become People Artists who engage workers fully, granting them the attention they deserve yet which has become rare in a world governed by checklists and multi-tasking. (Reports say anywhere from 30% to 70% of the global workforce is disengaged on the job.)

For example, Hart and Zinger suggest that managers stop and take time to talk with colleagues during the daily flow of work. A simple ten-second pause to notice mood and body language can make every conversation more productive, and in turn, increase the odds of rooting out problems before they become systemic.

Other tips include:
?Don't pay attention, gift attention. Distracted conversations rarely add value. Rather than make an employee "pay" for your time by not giving your full attention, engage, notice, and if necessary, document for further review.
?See what is, what isn't, and what could be. Artists help us see the world differently. People Artists take notice of the negative influences shaping a worker's experience and suggest ways to tap into unrealized potential.
?Continually learn from your work and steal like an artist. Study those with a history of successfully engaging workers. Test their methods in your own organization and then add to your canvas as appropriate.

"Leaders are not always the people in charge. Engaged leaders are the people who take charge by charging people up," said Zinger, who also hosts the Employee Engagement Network.

"People Artistry isn't an innate gift granted to the chosen few. Rather, it is a practice we can all develop with the principles and tools we've documented. If only more CEOs would take a break from the financial statements to see the potential beauty before them," Hart, whose paintings adorn the book, said.

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