Retired Private Investigator Releases Crime Thriller

June 11
7:10 2014
Retired Private Investigator Releases Crime Thriller

Hines, Minn.

Working as a Russian linguist in the United States Air Force for four years sparked author T. W. Person's interest in finding that which others seek to hide. Later in his career he worked as a licensed private investigator, eventually specializing in criminal defense where he worked cases of murder, drugs, kidnapping, burglary, sexual abuse and robbery. His experiences inspired him to parlay his knowledge of crime and criminals into his second book, "Criminal Witness."

Set in a fictional Midwest college town, "Criminal Witness" follows veteran private investigator Milo Powell and his attractive grad student assistant, Anna Rogers, as they weave their way through money laundering, gangs, and murder in a Midwest college town. Russian mobsters and black gangsters do the street work as a large corporation protects its interests, laundering drug money from Detroit and Chicago. Powell and Rogers work with the local police, a black gangster and a homeless man who witnessed secret meetings and a murder.

Written with authenticity, the book tells of interactions between those who illegally pursue wealth and material gain and those who work on the side of the law. Its characters and scenes range from corporate executives to black gangsters and homeless camps, giving the reader a glimpse into a criminal world where persons make their way by selling drugs and killing people.


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