Reality-Driven Investing by Donald L. Hinman is Released

Reality-Driven Investing by Donald L. Hinman is Released

According to Kevin Matras, Vice President of Zacks Investment Research, "Looking for growth and value is a winning combination. Especially now, with concerns over slowing growth and rich valuations. And while there are still plenty of companies out there with great growth rates and attractive valuations, it's getting harder to find stocks that fit squarely into both categories." Thus in his quest to share how he had managed to succeed in identifying a good stock leading to his stability in the business world, businessman and author Don Hinman shares the 'how-tos" of "Reality-Driven Investing."

Don Hinman is a long time business owner who found stock market investing frustrating. He considered himself to be a value investor, but could never find a way to determine value that would consistently deliver profits. Today there is so much information instead of making decision making easier, it often confuses an investor.

Not to be defeated by his dilemma, Hinman set out to learn for himself the characteristics of a stock that would deliver profits to his stock portfolio year after year. He believed knowing what is relevant and what is not are both essential when searching for stocks. And the result of his venture and scouting of good stocks - how to identify them - are all reflected in his book.

An aid for all those who wish to thrive in the business arena, readers, current and future entrepreneurs and investors are presented with an easy-to-understand guide that will lead them to the right track of "Reality-Driven Investing."

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