New Fantasy Novel THREE GENIE BROTHERS is Released

New Fantasy Novel THREE GENIE BROTHERS is Released

Ontario, CA

Author Christian Roulland Kueng desired to bring the fantasy genre that he enjoyed as a child to a new generation. He researched the mythology of "jinn" - more commonly known as genies - to write his new novel, "Three Genie Brothers" (published by iUniverse).

Three brothers - JD, Morgan, and Blake - are genies living in an amethyst bottle in the home of an old couple in California. When a young girl named Brianna comes to visit her grandparents, she uncorks the bottle, unwittingly releasing the genies. Now, Brianna is their master and has to decide what to wish for. Brianna doesn't realize that these wishes will lead to her being trapped in the bottle herself along with the three genie brothers.

Brianna witnesses the world of the "jinn," including the city of Jinwiddie. She attends flying camel races and learns more of genie culture, but she longs to return home. When the genies receive a mysterious box for their birthday, they are determined to solve the riddles to open it. Perhaps the box could ultimately lead to Brianna's freedom. If not, she could be stuck in the bottle forever.

An excerpt from "Three Genie Brothers:"

"She stroked the glassy surface before she pulled the smooth topaz stone stopper out of the spout opening. The bottle began to smoke. JD, Morgan, and Blake knew they had no choice. They stood still as their surroundings blurred, and the purple smoke swallowed them. Within seconds, the smoke moved up and, like a flame sucked upward through a chimney, spewed out of the bottle. They had been summoned."