New Christian Work: Stephen Kellison, Jr.'s “A Dream Believer” Available

January 23
5:24 2013

New Christian Work: Stephen Kellison, Jr.'s “A Dream Believer” Available

In today's society, with all of its wide array of allurements that bid for the eye, that promise to pamper the soul, and consume all of our thoughts and conversations, the Christian and non-Christian have done one thing, and that is throw God in the backseat of the heart and mind. Stephen Kellison, Jr.'s A Dream Believer is both joyous effort to win back the hearts and minds of all Christians for God's Kingdom and glorious celebration in the power of God's truths.

Societal wants have compromised biblical truths, but God is looking for believers through whom he could work, just as he had in the early church era, so that He would be what consumes the thoughts and conversations of those who profess to be believers. With this idea worked into Kellison's text, his book might quite possibly be the most life-changing truth a Christian reader might ever encounter.

This book has biblical qualities that God is calling for His believers to have. This is supported by the many ways and examples God has provided for that feeling of awe that each Christian must feel to understand His divinity. This Kellison provides in one powerful, life-changing testimony. A Dream Believer holds all that is ideal for the true followers of Christ in this new century.

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