Two-thirds of Americans surveyed consider the current Congress to be the worst ever, according to a December 2013 CNN/ORC International poll. Close to three quarters described it as a "do-nothing" Congress.

From the government shutdown in October 2013 to the application of the nuclear option a month later, Ned Witting sees that both major parties in Congress are run by the small percentage of extreme voices, rather than the majority moderate voices that more typify the country.

"Political gridlock results when extreme voters and legislators are able to impose extreme agendas on their respective political parties and obstruct action by others with differing views," Witting said.

A successful business owner and political junkie, Witting has grown increasingly disillusioned by the state of U.S. government. In "Political Gridlock", the author takes a businessperson's approach to evaluating the U.S. government and proposes a plan of action for empowering moderate voters and legislators and for reaching bilateral solutions to difficult national issues.

"My goal is to fundamentally change the political landscape in this country, eliminate gridlock, and revitalize our country both economically and socially," Witting said.

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Political Gridlock
By Ned Witting
ISBN: 978-1-49186-978-9
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About the author
Ned Witting is a successful American business owner, entrepreneur, and political junkie. A political moderate, he has attended both Republican and Democratic conventions but has never found a home in either party. He is the recipient of the Boy Scout Silver Beaver distinguished service award and is happily married to his sweetheart of more than thirty years.

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