NEW CHIP OF THE BLOCK Shows Father and Daughter Dealing With Loss Through Cooking

The unspeakable tragedy of losing a loved one is fraught with pain, guilt and regret, and one cannot simply overcome them alone, for a person needs love in order to move on. Father and daughter John H. Higgins and Kalila Brinley-Higgins have experienced this firsthand, and in their book, "New Chip on the Block: Recipes for Success," they share their experiences with losing an important family member, and how they were able to continue their lives with their passion for cooking and their love for each other.

Higgins and Brinley-Higgins suffered the tragic loss of their daughter and sister respectively in 2006. Brinley-Higgins spiraled deeper into alcoholism, a fight-of-her-life recovery, relapse, and custody struggle with her son's father. At the same time, Higgins' health and finances tumbled, but together they triumphed through the creative endeavor that led to a new kind of delicious tortilla-based snack food, NUTILLÂ, and this book. Cooking is a metaphor for nurturing, supporting, and growing closer, becoming more spiritual and happier in their relationship with each other and with those they love. As readers peruse Higgins' and Brinley-Higgins' book, they will laugh and cry as father and daughter irreverently weave their passion for food and cooking through this unorthodox diary-almanac-cookbook approach to overcoming tragedy.

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