Muse Eek Publishing in Conjunction with the Non-profit "The Bruce Arnold Foundation" Announces “The Guitar Intensive Workshop” which Hits the Road with An All S

Muse Eek Publishing in Conjunction with the Non-profit

The world abounds with stories of Dream Teams, particularly in the world of music. But in the field of music education, the Guitar Intensive Workshop stands alone in the singularity of its faculty and its goal.

From shrieking electric Speed Metal to sophisticated solo Jazz guitar, each of the clinicians of the Guitar intensive Workshop are bywords in their fields. Bass player Stuart Hamm played bass with Joe Satriani for many years, and is an acknowledged master. Alex Skolnick may have started out as an acclaimed speed metal player, but his thirst for other forms led him to seriously study jazz, and gain recognition in that field. Mimi Fox is widely considered to be one of the very finest solo jazz guitarists, while Jane Getter can shine in almost any idiom, from rock to jazz to blues. Rounding it all out, Bruce Arnold is a mad scientist in the use of pitch class sets and 12-tone theory in compositions and improvisation, and is one of the few guitarists using the SuperCollider program to create new sounds. Aside from being a great player, he is also a formidable educator and has a global following of students. And it is The Bruce Arnold Foundation that is driving this entire endeavor, as a service to those students who have never had the chance to participate in this kind of learning environment. Muse Eek Publishing Company will be generously providing workbooks to help the students learn.

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