Mother and Daughter Pen Poetry Book

Mother and Daughter Pen Poetry Book

Hatboro, Penn.

Before Eileen G. Anderson passed away of ovarian cancer in 2013, she had set a goal to rewrite 150 Psalms using 150 unique forms of poetry. Though she passed away after completing only 75, her daughter, Vicki J. Anderson, took up her mother's dream and finished the remaining 75 Psalms.

The new book, "Harps Unhung: Praising God in the Midst of Captivity" (published by WestBow Press), houses all 150 Psalms, completing Eileen's dream at last.

"Harps Unhung" is a call to action for sick, suffering, and downtrodden Christians. Through their poetic Psalms, the authors encourage these and all other Christians to offer praise to God, even when life appears to be at its bleakest. The book includes many poetic forms, including free verse poems, sonnets, and narrative poems, which emulate the themes of each biblical Psalm.

Through their book, the authors intended to offer a lifeline to all readers, giving them a chance to recognize their sin and ease the suffering of their souls. Vicki hopes readers will begin looking to the Bible and
psalms for comfort and strength.