Monica Joseph Shares Motor-biking Adventure in New Book

Monica Joseph Shares Motor-biking Adventure in New Book

Dreams let people do the extraordinary. For author Monica Joseph, it was a dream that inspired her to embark on a 55,000-kilometer motor-biking journey across the world. In her new book, "Keep Moving: Tokyo to Cape Town by Motorbike," she looks back to the memories made, sceneries seen, people met and lessons learned while on an adventure that spanned 30 countries.

For 30 years, Joseph's husband, Simon, dreamed of traveling around the world on a motorcycle. The couple finally realized this after their three children left school and home.

"The journey started with five people; I was the only female. My husband and I are the main characters to the end and we rode our own motorbikes without support vehicles, carrying all our tools, spare tyres, luggage and camping gear," shares Joseph. "My husband is a veteran motorcyclist but I was relatively inexperienced."

They started off in Tokyo, Japan and travelled across Russia, Central Asia, across Europe and home through Africa. Though some of the trip was planned, there were "detours" that turned out to be "jewels in the travel crown."

Interesting to note is the fact that the places they travelled through have since become difficult or out of bounds. Northern Mali has had the Tuareg rebellion. Nigeria has had to deal with the Islamic militants Boko Haram closing its borders to independent travelers. Elsewhere in the Pamir Mountains, two years after they passed through, Khorog quickly became a small war zone. Then there was that tragic tsunami in Japan a few months later.

More than just about the road, the book is about different cultures, people, history, architecture, landscapes, books, music, art and food that readers from all walks of life can enjoy. It is about the least likely person anyone would expect to ride a bike anywhere, let alone through 30 countries and some very far-flung, exotic destinations.