Michael Punzak Releases New Book on Value of Sharing

Michael Punzak Releases New Book on Value of Sharing

For many years, an old woman and an old man lived together happily. Although they were poor, they love children and prayed for one. However, they remained childless. Little did they know a little bean that hops out of a pot will help change their lives forever in a way they never expected.

"Nookoodoo Master Bean" written by author Michael Punzak tells the story of Nookoodoo, a tiny bean with charm and feistiness who has to overcome a wicked king who betrayed his promises to his kingdom. It revolves around a poor, childless couple longing for a child of their own. One day, while the old man is cooking meal for dinner from a large pot filled with leftovers, a small bean with two legs and a little green and white baseball cap named Nookoodoo Master Bean suddenly hops out of it, announcing he was their son. To his amazement, the old man scratches his head and tells Nookoodoo Master Bean to go to the king's kingdom as the said king promised to give a farthing to the parents of all children born in his kingdom.

Nookoodoo starts his journey towards the king's kingdom. On his way, he meets a woman washing clothes on a stream, a jackal, a fierce wolf and a ferocious tiger who, save for the woman, wanted to come along with him in the king's kingdom. What role will all these character play in Nookoodoo's quest to get a farthing from the king for his adopted parents? Will the king share some of his farthing and all other treasures?

When Punzak first read this story in an out-of-print collection of Persian folktales, he immediately fell in love with it. Without ever reading the story again, he re-imagined it as Master Bean (instead of Master pea) adding in such details as the green-and-white baseball cap, the "jewels of all sorts and descriptions," "the 21 dollar bills," and several others. He has told the story of "Nookoodoo Master Bean" hundreds of times already and continues to do so through the publication of this book. An inspirational story fit for children and adult audiences as well, this book will teach everyone the value of sharing what one has with others.

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