Michael Lohan Signs TransMedia Group To Publicize and Assist In Writing His Memoir, I'M NOT YOUR DADDY DEAREST... IF I CAN TURN MY LIFE AROUND, SO CAN YOU

Michael Lohan has engaged the South Florida PR firm TransMedia Group and its "Spin Man" author/founder Tom Madden to publicize and co-write his soul-scorching memoir "I'm Not Your Daddy Dearest . . . If I Can Turn My Life Around, So Can You."

According to Madden, publicity for the upcoming bookwill focus on turning points in Lohan's tumultuous life, including his risefrom drug-addiction and imprisonmentto a Bible-quoting minister, drug interventionist and successful businessman.

Lohan told Madden a big one came"one hell-bent night when miraculously the fog liftedand God pulled me from my wrecked car and mangled life before it exploded, and now I prayLindsay will find hers."

Lohan gets tons of publicity in the entertainmentarena, but much of it castshimin the role oferrant dad andtitular head of America's most dysfunctional family.

A recent cover story in The New York Times Magazine ("How To Catch A Falling Star") wasyet another piggyback ride on actress Lohan's career descent and jumbled life with the public's insatiable-interest fueling her notoriety, said Madden. While voyeuristically readable, the article takes some unfair glancing lows and character swipes at her father.

"So much of the press Lohan receivesmisfires as it characterizes him as "a drug-abusing, felonious stock trader" as opposed to the decent, honorable guy I know," Madden said. "Readers of his tell-all memoirwill meet a very different Michael Lohanthe real one."

Our publicity will show Lohan cares about his daughter, how he battled his own addiction and today helps others to stay clean as he has been for years. And yes, he's served time for his white collar crime, but today won't step one inch out of line for he has paid his dues, learned his lesson, grown as a man.

Often he pleads in interviews for a judge to order his falling-star daughter into a six-month drug detox/rehab program, which he believes she desperately needs.

Yes, people change, but sometimes get encapsulated from clips about past mistakes which live forever on Google or the archives of New York Times Magazine, so hopefully his memoir will prove redemptive, said Madden.

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SOURCE TransMedia Group

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