Meredith Wild's Hacker Series Follows in 50 Shades Footsteps

BOSTON, Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ For some 50 Shades diehards, there will only ever be one Christian Grey, and he doesn't look a damn thing like Jamie Dornan. But if you have room in your heart for another sexy billionaire Dom, Meredith Wild's Hacker Series might fill the void.

In her debut novel Hardwired, Wild introduces us to Blake Landon, a drool-worthy software mogul and compulsively domineering hacker with a slightly twitchy palm. Between a potent attraction to the headstrong Harvard grad, Erica Hathaway, and Landon's determination to pave her way to successhis waythe sparks that fly between the two will leave its readers blushing behind their eReaders.

While the infamous 50 Shades of Grey trilogy remains the most successful smut-grade fanfic ever, with more copies in print than the Bible, certain addictively sizzling sagas like the Hacker Series are making waves in the increasingly popular women's fiction genre.

When compared to the likes of E.L. James, Meredith Wild is happy to weigh in. "It's definitely an exciting time to be writing for this genre. Thanks in large part to the 50 Shades success, contemporary erotic fiction is working its way into the mainstream now," she explains. "Our series, along with many others, share themes that happen to be very popular right now, but Blake and Erica are very unique in their relationship, struggles, and chemistry."

As of now, Wild's growing fan base are squirming in their seats in anticipation of the third installment of the Hacker Series, Hardline, due in print this spring. Among them, the many dedicated Mrs. Greys of the world are submitting to the new master in town, Blake Landon.

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