'Mental Hygiene' by Lee Thayer is Released

June 5
9:03 2014
'Mental Hygiene' by Lee Thayer is Released

North Carolina

Author Dr. Lee Thayer posts a remarkable question that goes, "If the greatest gains in human health and longevity came not from medical "science" but from sanitation and hygiene, why might this not also be the case with our waning mental health and longevity?" Through his book, propelled by his research, Thayer answers his question in the affirmative and shares how people can improve their lives by enhancing their "Mental Hygiene."

Saying yes that human health and longevity can greatly improve when humanity addresses its mental state, Thayer points out cases where once it was human crowding that contributed to poor physical health, it is now the impact of toxic mental diets and lack of mental immunity that contributes to man's increasing personal and social malaise. According to Thayer, "The lesson from history is that we know more and more about less and less. We have increased our reach many times over with our communication technologies, from smartphones to entertainment diversions of every sort. But we have not increased our grasp one whit. We are drowning in a sea of "information" that we have little or no need for. We no longer know what our personal or our collective destination is, or ought to be. So we don't know what course to take. Our minds have become less healthy while what we feed it has become more toxic."

Unveiling the ways how - including revelations about the role of the mind in the making of human lives and of human cultures; cultures of all sizes, from a two-person relationship to whole civilizations, past and present - Thayer seeks to improve man's capacity to use "Mental Hygiene" in tapping into a better life and existence.


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