Lance L. Palmgren Releases Fifth Book of the Walnut Warriors Series

July 12
6:53 2013

Lance L. Palmgren Releases Fifth Book of the Walnut Warriors Series

A whimsically plotted and illustrated book, author and illustrator Lance L. Palmgren offers the fifth installment of the Walnut Warriors Series. Titled THE WALNUT WARRIORS MOTOCROSS, the fun and adventure continues as the pack of curious and stumpy shelled creatures take on the new challenge of Motocross.

Time and weather seemed amiable. Under a clear, sunny day, the spectator Nuts were eager and early to fill the grandstand. Everyone was anticipating the thrills and spills amusement set for the day. When Announcer Nick Nutley's voice boomed his kick start greeting over the megaphone, the spectator Nuts burst into cheers, claps and with much clacking against each others' shells. The volume of this harsh but excitement-filled noise increased when the fans began shouting their favorite racer's names. Today, the First Annual Walnut Warrior Motocross begins.

The track prepared for the race was dicey. Many bikes could not even finish one lap before crashing and being labeled DNF (did not finish). Name any possible racetrack peril, this track had it. Although considered ordinary, on a motocross track, the steep hills, long high jumps, deep ruts, off-camber hairpin turns and whoop-de-doos were quite difficult for the inexperienced Walnut riders. However, it was the truly frightening and dangerous surprises, into which they naively raced, that pared the courageous, seemingly fearless pack to the very few that completed the course from roaring off at the drop of the starting gate to the wildly waving checked flag at the finish line.

Who will bring home the lst place Trophy? With innumerable perils and obstacles in and around the track, readers can follow who DNF's and who conquers the finish line unscathed. THE WALNUT WARRIORS MOTOCROSS is one action-packed children's literature of back-breaking rhythm sections, fly aways and drop offs until the black-and-white checkered flag wildly waves to those able to cross the finish line.


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