K.B. Hoyle Releases THE SCROLL

K.B. Hoyle Releases THE SCROLL

Darcy Pennington is growing up. Throughout The Gateway Chronicles, audiences have watched as she has transformed from a loner who despised her life, to a young woman on the verge of accepting her destiny.

K.B. Hoyle's The Scroll The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House, the fifth installment in her already wildly successful The Gateway Chronicles series, follows Darcy and her friends as they travel back to the mythical land of Alitheia. This trip brings adventure, danger, and love to the forefront as The Six battle to save Tellius, the love of Darcy's life, and the magical land that has brought them together.

"Every successful book series has to have that stage of the journey where everything the main character has come to believe in or cherish is challenged. The Scroll is that installment of The Gateway Chronicles for my main character, Darcy Pennington," says author K.B. Hoyle. "In it, everything she loves is stripped away, making this story the crucible that will determine if she can and will rise to fulfill her purpose. The message for young people embedded here is one of perseverance through adversity, even when life seems bleakest."

Destined to be a classic, The Gateway Chronicles explores the following themes:

  • The importance of standing up for the downtrodden - In an age where bullying has become a matter of life or death, it's more important than ever to instill this in our youth.
  • Every person has something unique to contribute to the world - No matter your age, your actions have consequences that can change the world.
  • Coming of age- Young adults will empathize with the characters and older readers will remember the challenges of the years that helped to shape who they are.

The Scroll by K.B. Hoyle will be available starting October 17, 2013 in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo and The Writer's Coffee Shop.

Series Summary: At the age of thirteen, Darcy Pennington found out the world in which she lived was only one of many, and that the existence of other worlds meant she was far from ordinary. Her destiny, along with the destinies of her five best friends, is entangled with a realm called Alitheia. She journeyed to Alitheia for the first time, armed only with the knowledge that she was destined to help expel an evil Shadow from the land and she would someday be queen. Darcy never could have guessed how deep the rabbit hole would take her. Now, at the age of seventeen, Darcy finds herself thrust into a position of uncertainty after four extraordinary trips to Alitheia, each fraught with drama and adventure. Gifted with elemental magic and with an uncanny ability to get herself into trouble, Darcy has always managed to make it through, but when her heart is on the line, the stakes are higher than ever. Great hope, great joy, and great love have always been tempered by great sorrow and great loss in Alitheia, and Darcy wonders if the trials she is about to face in her latest trip will break her, and the land of Alitheia, beyond repair.