Judith Fein Announces New Book on the Concept of 'Ancestral Travel'

Judith Fein Announces New Book on the Concept of 'Ancestral Travel'

Judith Fein, Santa Fean and award-winning travel writer and author, announces the publication of "The Spoon from Minkowitz: A Bittersweet Roots Journey to Ancestral Lands." In Santa Fe, Fein will be appearing at two events designed to celebrate and honor those who came before, and explore life-changing potential of "ancestral travel." The 256-page book is now available on this week for $18.95 for the print version; it will also be available in all e-book formats. As of today, the book is in the top 4 in two categories on, "Travel Writing" and "Speciality Travel."

In THE SPOON FROM MINKOWITZ, the author dives beneath the surface of her Russian Jewish American heritage, pushing past all obstacles to find the truth behind the shrouded story of where she came from, what remains of that world, and what really propelled her ancestors-and our own ancestors as well-to depart from the Old World and make the long journey to America.

True to her personality, Fein refuses to take "no" for an answer as she treks through graveyards, has a private audience with the Gypsy Baron of Moldova, meets the last Jew standing, communes with the dead, quaffs cognac with Russians, wanders among ruins, and hears the call of the ancestors. The book invites the reader to examine our own legacies and what is handed down to in families and relationships, giving new meanings to fears and longings according to ancestral heritage.

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On February 23, 2014 2-5 pm at Temple Beth Shalom; CALLING IN THE ANCESTORS: Fein will be speaking and signing books at an interfaith, community-wide, interactive event where the public is invited to bring a dish passed down in their families. It will be a potluck of our ancestors. There will also be a surprise communal art project, and attendees are invited to bring a photo or object from a grandparent, great-grandparent, or any other ancestor. The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society will co-sponsor the event.

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