John H. Zaugg Announces THE TRUTH

John H. Zaugg Announces THE TRUTH

Denver, Colo.

Is America a nation running on empty, living in a fog, without a shared moral compass? According to author John H. Zaugg, the answer is yes.

Zaugg's new book, "The Truth: Turning the Lights Back On In America," invites readers to step fully into their responsibility as United States citizens. He challenges popular ideologies in American government by exploring the morality found on both sides of the political spectrum. The book offers a chance to redefine America's ideas of right and wrong and change the course of a nation without a common moral code.

Throughout his childhood and well into his adulthood, Zaugg's questions about government and its implications on society went unanswered. Discouraged by the lack of clarity, Zaugg decided to take control and search for his own answers. It was only through exploration and self-realization that John was able to quiet his mind and take full charge of his place in American society.

"We have got to stand for something or we will fall for anything," Zaugg warns. "We must define the values and principles that shape us as individuals. To find out why our nation is in the dark, we first need to find the light."

"The Truth: Turning the Lights Back On In America" is a book meant to help the average American live the way the country's founding documents intended. It's a book focused on empowerment and rededication to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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"The Truth: Turning the Lights Back On In America"
By: John H. Zaugg
Paperback: $14.95
ISBN: 9781491837719

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About the author

John Zaugg grew up in Ohio, along with two sisters and a brother. He was raised in a Christian home, went to public schools, and graduated from Ohio State University. He currently lives in Commerce City, Colorado, and continues to write emotional self help books.

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