Jody Mackey Releases SALLY LOVES...TO SWIM!

Jody Mackey Releases SALLY LOVES...TO SWIM!

Storytelling is a well-loved and well-preserved tradition and it is easy to see why. By telling stories, people are able to teach valuable lessons, touch hearts and, in some cases, even change the lives of others. In her debut book, "Sally Loves... to swim!," Jody Mackey uses her gifts as a storyteller and artist to share her love for sports and to encourage young readers to start an active and healthy lifestyle.

The first in a delightful and educational series, "Sally Loves... to swim!" follows the adventures of the title character, a little girl who grows up surrounded by friends and family who pursue active lifestyles. Motivated by her family and friends, Sally starts participating in different sporty activities. She swims, bikes, runs and she dreams of participating in a triathlon like her mom.

Readers will follow the young girl in her inspiring efforts to make her dream come true. As Sally's story unfolds, Mackey teaches important lessons about following one's dreams, the rewards of determination and the joys of friendship and family.

Accompanied by charming illustrations, "Sally Loves... to swim!" is an excellent choice of reading material for parents who want to make storytelling time both fun and rewarding. This treasure trove of captivating pictures and engaging narratives will keep readers engaged from beginning to end.

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