February 6
9:52 2013


In 1637, Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." Jane Birdsell believes that the essence of success in the 21st century is to say, "I think and feel, therefore I am." Recently, there has been a resurgence in the awareness of emotions and the importance of their expression in the human experience. When Jane Birdsell began her work as a psychologist in 1982, she gradually became aware of the fact that many people did not understand emotions very well. When she asked people how they felt in a particular situation, they would tell her their thoughts but had difficulty expressing an emotion. The more she learned, the more she realized how important it was for people to know more about their emotions and how to manage them. This inspired her to write her book Emotional Enlightenment: Managing Feelings for Success. She was influenced by Ortega Y Gassett, the Spanish philosopher, who suggested that the suppression of emotion was the greatest error of western civilization since the Renaissance. He wrote extensively about the dehumanization of people with the suppression of feelings. Jane has written her book Emotional Enlightenment to help readers become their own expert on emotions.

Becoming an expert on emotions facilitates self-knowledge and empathy for others, two essentials for personal and professional success. In Emotional Enlightenment, Jane dissects feelings to show what causes them and how to manage them. By examining their own thoughts and recognizing how they stimulate their feelings, people can become more confident in their self-management and their interpretation of the emotional experience of others. Jane believes that when people tell others how they feel, not just what they think, they tell others who they really are.This is the key to maintaining healthy relationships. It is the path to success.

Emotional Enlightenment includes exercises to help readers learn more about how to understand themselves and others. It is a practical resource inviting readers to see by examples how emotions can be managed for success.


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